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Penulis membahas mengenai penerbitan sertipikat hak milik nomor 571 dan 671 yang dilakukan oleh kantor pertanahan bojonegoro kepada anak dibawah umur. Pendaftaran tersebut dilakukan dalam program Pendaftaran Tanah Sistematis Lengkap, dalam prosedurnya pemohon yang tergolong anak dibawah umur dilakukan tanpa melampirkan surat penetapan perwalian dari pengadilan dalam melakukan perbuatan hukum. Hal ini menimbulkan ketidakpastian hukum karena dalam syarat dalam melakukan perbuatan hukum salah satunya ialah cakap hukum. batas umur cakap hukum dalam Kitab Undang-Undang Perdata adalah dua puluh satu tahun. Hasil penelitian, penulis memperoleh hasil bahwa penerbitan sertipikat tanah kepada anak dibawah umur oleh kantor pertanahan Bojonegoro wajib dianggap sah sebelum ada keputusan lain yang menyatakan sebaliknya. Namun dari sisi prosedur tidak sesuai dengan peraturan perundang-undangan dan asas AUPB yakni asas kepastian hukum dan asas kecermatan. bahwa akibat hukum dari penerbitan sertipikat hak milik kepada anak dibawah umur oleh kantor pertanahan Bojonegoro adalah sah dan berlaku

Kata Kunci: keabsahan sertipikat hak milik, anak dibawah umur, kantor pertanahan bojonegoro



This research delves into the issuance of Freehold Title Number 571 and 671 administered bythe Land Agency in Bojonegoro for a minor. The applicant proposed a complete and systematic land registration without any additional statement of guardianship from the court before legal action was taken. This situation has led to legal uncertainty in the legal action taken, where the person concerned is not legally qualified since he is underage, while the person should be at least 21 years old to deal with this legal action according to the Civil Law.

Departing from the above issue, this research investigates: 1) is the Freehold Title issued to a minor by the Land Agency in Bojonegoro valid according to before law? what legal implications may rise following the issuance of this freehold title for an underage person? This research employed a normative method, and case and statutory approaches. The data involved primary, secondary, and tertiary materials obtained from library research, which were further analyzed based on systematic-descriptive techniques.

The research reveals that the issuance of the Freehold Title for a minor in this case is considered legally acceptable as long as no decision states otherwise. However, in terms of the procedure, it contravenes the legislation and the principles of good governance, including legal certainty and accuracy, and, thus, this freehold title is considered valid and applicable.

Keywords: validity of freehold, minor, bojonegoro land office